[Eat] Taiwan – Rilakkuma Cafe (拉拉熊咖啡廳) in Taipei

I have to admit that I am a crazy fangirl for Rilakkuma and love it so much that I will always buy its stuff and collect them. It is always on my to-do list to visit the café in Japan, however, they only do a pop-up store for Rilakkuma café, which means, they will be in certain parts of Japan for a period of time and move on to another location.

When the news of Rilakkuma café was opened in Taiwan, I have been planning to visit the cafe to have a cup of coffee and meal there. Without any hesitation this time, I kept a day free in my itinerary and made my reservation online.

Rilakkuma Cafe 拉拉熊咖啡廳

Rilakkuma café in Taiwan was opened on 2 Oct 2015, and since it has been obtaining a high fan-based with events and occasional exclusive gifts given out to the customers.

Little to know:

Rilakkuma is from Japan San-X company, it is different from Sanrio.

Rilakkuma is a combination of Rirakkusu(Relax) and Kuma (Bear), which means a bear who is always relaxed and laid back.


How to get there?

Alight at ZhongXiaoDunhua Station

To Exit 3, and walk for about 3 minutes you will reach the café:

Operating hour:

Monday – Friday


Saturday – Sunday


Book a Table

KLOOK – With meal set

<<<Click here to book your seats with meal sets>>>

KKDAY – With meal set

<<<Click here to book your seats with meal sets>>>

eztable- Only seats

<<<Click here to book your seats >>>

To note:

  • Booking starts on day 20 of each month at 12:00 for 1 month later dining
  • Final booking time is 1 day before dining at 18:00
  • Please arrive at the restaurant on time. Seat reservations will be cancelled 10 minutes after the chosen time, travellers will have to wait for the seat arrangement in this case


300NTD~600NTD (Per Person)

**Individual cost can be higher than this, depending on what you order.

**Guest height above 120cm, minimum spending for the main dish or a drink is required.


120 minutes meal time


Visit their Facebook page to view the menu.


Taking a photo with Rilakkuma:

What we had?

Bread bowl soup:

Cheese pork chop with curry rice:

Omurice with pork meatball:

Hazelnut Cafe latte:

Mango lime soda:

Chocolate Tart

Egg pudding:

Check out their washroom before heading home:


That day the café is fully packed, despite that the service staff was attentive and friendly. For the food-wise, it was not that bad, I didn’t expect it to be good because a theme café focus is not the food itself but on the characters, however, this café speaks otherwise.  I enjoyed most of the food served, except for the Cheese pork chop with curry rice, the curry taste a little too bland but overall the food portion and atmosphere was great.

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