[Trip] Taiwan – 2 Day 1 Night at Mt Hehuan

How to make full use of your stay in Hehuanshan or Mt Hehuan for one night? In my previous post, I have covered our stay at the Songxuelou, the highest accommodation in Taiwan, where you can view the beautiful scenery right from your balcony.

There are a lot of trails here to choose from ranging from easy to difficult. The easy trail will take less than an hour to hike and the difficult trail will require a professional guide and a night stay at the mountain.

For more information, you can check here.

Before Hiking

– Replenish yourself and bring a bottle of water

– Keep warm, bring necessary medication along, if needed.

– Aware of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) symptoms, if feeling unwell, do not climb.

Mt Hehuan Chien

A famous spot to view the sunrise over the Chilai mountain.  It is an easy trail that needs around 45minutes to and fro.

SongXueLou from afar:

To note:

There are stairs to guide you but after the first stretch there are some rocky trail and the trail is steep

During winter, there might be ice on the steps, walk carefully.

Hike on Hehuan E. Peak Trail

Hehuanshan East Peak is the second highest peak of the Hehuanshan and only lower than the highest north peak by 1-meter. There are 2 entrances to the peak. One is at Hehuanshan Tourist information center and the other is beside SongXueLou. From the entrance to the peak, the trail path is considered steep for beginners and will need about an hour to reach the top.

At the starting point of our climb:

Hit 500m up:

The view from the top:

In the past, the east peak used to be a ski training center and there is a ski lift stop built half way here. Now it has stopped operating and kept for the memorial purpose.

The vast sea of cloud that we saw that day:

My thoughts:

The trail path was not that difficult, however, if you are not used to hiking and it is your first time climbing up at a height more than 2000m, this is tough. Same as the Mt Hehuan Chien at a point, there are no steps to lead you up and the path is narrow and tough, just be prepared.

3158 CAFE

The highest cafe situated in Taiwan, at a height of 3158m hence its name. This is the only place at HeHuanShan where travelers can grab some hot drinks and snack.

Operating Hours:

06:00-17:00 (Daily)

Hot Beverages (Hot Chocolate, Americano, Cafe Latte, Milk Tea, Cappuccino, Black Sugar Ginger Tea)

Cost: 150NTD per cup. (If you have your own tumbler, the drink will cost 50NTD.)

Menu for snacks

Oden: 150NTD (To rent the cup and bowl, once return the cashier will return you 100NTD)

Chinese tea egg: 10NTD

Dumpling: 40NTD

Meat Bun: 25NTD

The mini convenience store:

Have a seat outside to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and the beautiful scenery:

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