[Eat] Taiwan, Taichung- Fengyuan Miaodong Night Market (豐原廟東夜市)

My Taiwan friend brought me to this night market. I did not know about this place as most of the time when we visit Taichung, we only visit Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市) and Yizhong (一中街夜市). Fengyuan Miaodong Night Market (豐原廟東夜市) is never in our list. However, after this trip, I plan to revisit this night market once again for a food tour when we can travel to Taiwan.

Fengyuan Miaodong Night Market(豐原廟東夜市)

Fengyuan MiaoDong Night Market is located near to Tzu Chi Temple which is surrounded by the Zhongzheng Road, Boaai Street, Fuxing Road and Xinyi Street. MiaoDong Night Market famous top three must-try dishes are pork ribs noodles, pineapple ice and oyster omelette.


How to get there?

From Taichung station

Take Bus no. 55 alight at MazhuMiao (媽祖廟) (Direct to Bus 55 Map, only in Traditional Chinese)

Train to Fengyuan Station


Take the train to save more time, you can take the highspeed rail to Taichung station and change THSR train to FengYuan.


1~2 hours or more

Operating hours?



(Different stores operating hours will vary)

Start your journey from the famous Tzu Chi Temple (豐原慈濟宮-葫蘆墩媽祖)



Operating hours:


The shopping street

Food Street

Luo Ji Waterchestnut Crisp (羅記菱角酥)



Cheese/Water Chestnut/ Yam

13 pieces: 50NTD

28 pieces: 100NTD

*Can mix flavour*

Water chestnut crisp *Recommended

Alley Fried Chicken (巷口炸雞)

The must eat fried chicken if you are in Taichung, this stall is well known for their fried basil fried chicken, and original fried chicken which is marinated using their secret sauce.


Operating hours:






Photo menu

I did not order their fried chicken that day as I was still full from my lunch, so I tried the Fried Mushroom instead.

Xin Jin Shu Pineapple Ice (新金樹)

This stall is not located inside the night market street but about 2 -3 mins away from there. Most people will have their meal at the night market and walk over here just to get their pineapple ice, this is how famous it is. This stall not only sell pineapple ice but also other local delicacies like the Taiwanese style Meatball.


Operating hours:



Pineapple Ice

S- 25NTD, L-35NTD

Sour Plum Ice

S-35NTD, L-60NTD

Feng Ren Ice (Mix Pineapple Ice+Sour Plum Ice with 1 small scope ice cream and red bean)

S- 25NTD, L-35NTD

Pineapple Ice *Recommended

Other food to try at the night market: Hakka Crystal Dumpling (三角圓(水晶餃)), pork rib noodle (排骨酥麵), Oyster Omelette (蚵仔煎)、meat dumpling (肉粽).


The ambience at the night market was great, it does not only operate at night but also in the afternoon. Thus, it is not like some other night markets where you can only visit after 5 pm. Most of the famous stalls were having long queue when we were there, be prepared that you might need to wait a while to get a seat.  I will recommend getting the water chestnut crisp as this snack is not easy to find in Taiwan, and surprisingly it tastes really good. And not forgetting the Pineapple Ice, you might not be able to get such a highly concentrated pineapple ice elsewhere, the ice was blended until so fine and smooth, it is suitable for summer or after having a heavy meal.


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