[Eat] Taiwan, Taipei- iNPUT Music Cafè 音鋪

A hidden gem found in the alley near the busy Tong Hua Street. Not sure if you all know about this place? It is well known among the fans of Taiwanese band, Mayday. This store is opened by one of the members, Stone with his 2 other friends who are musicians.

It is a music store to be exact, however, they have a little cafe area for coffee lovers. As I am not a musician nor have any knowledge of musical instruments, I will not cover about that section. Therefore, this post will focus on the café.

iNPUT Music Café

A music instrumental store, that provides instrumental advice, repair, a sound proof room to test your instrument before purchase and a café once you enter the store, where you can enjoy a well-brewed coffee.


How to get there?

Get off from either LiuHeZhangLi or XinYiAnhe station, both station will take 8 minutes walk to reach the store.

Operating Hours:




Food & Beverage

110NTD – 300NTD



The café area has less than 20 seats:

The 1st floor:

The guitar section on the 1st floor and for drum equipment will be at basement floor:


Bubble bubble:

I ordered the pour over, Argelia coffee, which was introduced by the barista.

Dessert of the day, strawberry cup. At a first glance of the dessert, I thought that it would taste normal but I was wrong it is fantastic. The strawberry together with the cream and base crumb added, made a great combination after you have a sip of the coffee.


This is a great place to calm your mind and have a cup of good coffee with a delicious well-made dessert. When I was unable to decide which coffee to choose, the barista explained patiently on the different taste and smell of both coffees. This helped me to decide which coffee suits me better.

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