[Eat] Taiwan, Taipei- Had a lunch date at Rilakkuma Cha-Ya (拉拉熊茶屋)

Have you visited Rilakkuma Cafe (拉拉熊咖啡廳)? If yes, you might want to visit the Rilakkuma Cha-ya, which was opened in 2017 at Taipei Zhongshan, and the second store in Tainan. As a Rilakkuma fan, you should not miss this. It has a totally different ambience from Rilakkuma Cafe, which I visited in 2017.

**Taipei Branch is permanently closed on 30 April 2020. Tainan Store is still operating.**

Rilakkuma Cha-Ya

The first overseas Rilakkuma restaurant outside of Japan, “Rilakuma Cha-Ya”, a Japan tea house theme cafe. The cafe serves three-colour Hanami Dango (rice ball), O Cha Tsuke (Tea rice), Matcha, and other Japanese cuisines. It is different from the usual theme restaurant cuisine which serves western food, e.g. spaghetti, risotto, and hamburger only. Are you curious about the collaboration between Rilakkuma and Cha Ya?


No. 23, Lane 20, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District Taipei City, Taiwan 10491

Operating hour:

Monday ~ Friday:

12:00 ~ 20:00

Saturday and Sunday:

10:30 ~ 21:00

Book a Table

KLOOK – With meal set

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KKDAY – With meal set

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Inline- Only seats

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Minimum spending?

200NTD per person (for diners taller than 100cm)

To note:

Customers who booked the Klook/ KKDAY promo are exempt from the minimum spend requirement.


90 Mins meal time

How To Get There:

  • A 2-minute walk from Exit 3 of Zhongshan Station.

Additional Note:

  • Please arrive at the restaurant on time.
  • Seat reservations will be cancelled 10 minutes after the chosen time, travellers will have to wait for the seat arrangement in this case
  • Please note that the last order time is 30 mins before closure


Click here to see more.


40 Seats


Private Room

There is 2 private room, sadly I was only able to take the private room on the 1st floor. For your reference, the other room is for 8 Seater on the 2nd-floor, terms and conditions are the same, except for the minimum spending must be 2,400NTD.

Terms and conditions:

  • Please remove your shoe before entering the private room, as the floor is made of Tatami.
  • It is a 6 seaters room if you wish to add seat there is an additional charge of 300NTD per person.
  • Minimum spending of 1,800NTD
  • 110 minutes of mealtime, if exceeded will charge 1,000NTD per hour
  • No outside food allowed (Including Birthday cake)
  • Due to the flooring which is made of Tatami mat, cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of it can be tedious work for the staff. Thus, we would appreciate that consumers to take good care and not to stain on the tatami mat (Cleaning Fee cost, 1,000NTD)

What we had?

Donburi set meal: Sukiyaki Beef (Top 2 Pick)


Donburi set meal: Japanese Fried Pork Chop with Curry Sauce *Recommended*  (Top 1 Pick)

Dessert: Pearl Shaved ice with Brown Sugar

Blackcurrant Soda

Burnt cream coffee


The ambience is great regardless you are a fan of Rilakkuma or just want to see the “bear”, overheard the kid beside me who said, this “bear bear” looks cute.

The service crew are attentive and nice. However, one of our drinks came when we were already halfway into our meal. I think I know why the Japanese Fried Pork Chop with Curry Sauce is the Chef’s recommended and Number 1 pick, it never goes wrong for tonkatsu (Fried pork chop) with curry sauce, it is really good.  As for the Sukiyaki beef, it was not bad, the sukiyaki sauce might not be the best combination with the rice, and if you were to compare with Number 1 pick then yes, it is definitely staying at Number 2.

We did not order the recommended Three Colour Hanami Shiratama Dango (rice ball), we had the Pearl Shaved Ice with Brown Sugar, it tasted like Singapore Ice kachang but in Taiwan and Japanese style. If you love Matcha and also boba pearl, then this is the one for you. We were very full after having the donburi meal set, hence, we could not finish the shaved ice. I will not recommend you to get the burnt cream coffee, it is only Instagram friendly but I find it too sweet and creamy. If I were to go back again, I will get the Calpis or soda instead.




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