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First time going to Taipei? Unsure of what transport ticket to get for your trip. Here is a compilation of a quick and easy Taipei transportation guide, which will cover the train and bus service for travelers.

Train/ Subway

The common card use in Taiwan/ Taipei, Easycard.
**Strongly recommend, if you are traveling to Taiwan often.**


Second generation Easycard is out with chip reader.

Where to purchase?

– Information Counter in all Taipei Metro stations/Convenience stores (7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart, Hi-Life and OK)

– Information Counter in all Kaohsiung Metro stations, except for concessionary tickets.

– EasyCard Service Center at Taipei Main Station.

How much a card cost?

– Taipei Metro stations: Adult card cost NT$500 = NT$400 disposable amount andanNT$100 deposit.
– Convenience stores: Adult EasyCard NT$200= NT$100 disposable amount and an NT$100 deposit. ( To top up if you want)

New rules:

-Card cost NT$100

**It is sold outright without any deposit or disposable value. You would need to charge/add value to your card before use.**

For the card, it can be returned for a refund of the balance of the disposable value plus a handling fee of NT$20


There are also 1 day, 2days, 3days, and 5days pass

(Taken from Easycard Website)
The price list:

DaysCost? (NTD)
1 Day180
1 Day (Gondola Version)350
2 Days310
3 Days440
5 Days700

※1-day pass (Gondola version) with unlimited rides on Taipei Metro and associated bus services. Allows 3 trips on Maokong Gondola.

Where to buy?

The pass can be purchased at any EasyCard Customer Service Center at Taipei Main Station or any Taipei metro station.


(Taken from Wikimedia)


Not recommendable as is really confusing even for the locals too.

But if you want to have a try here you go~! E-bus route

Some advice: please do some research on the place you want to go and whether is really necessary to take a bus. Google is your best friend~!~!

The Bus Fares are calculated using a fare zone system, and there are some confusing rules. Here I will provide you the best way to lessen your burden.

To note:

There are 3 types of fare zone, 上(Up), 下(Down), 上到下( Up to down), all fare are charged NT$15 per trip.

Up is to tap your Easycard upon boarding, down is when you are going down at your stop, when is a switch from up to down you have to pay again. Sound confusing, I understand so my advice is to tap your Easycard when you board the bus if is not then the machine will automatically reject the tap. If you are paying by cash please ask the driver first.

Just a side note: Fare zones are indicated by small triangles on the route maps.


(Update: 10/2/17)

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