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We tried the Wu Lao Guo during our previous visit to Taiwan. This time round, our Taiwanese friend introduced this famous hot pot restaurant, Top one pot, in Taiwan. This is ranked top 3, within 2 years of its operation. Currently, its review from the local was excellent and some even said that it is better than Wu Lao Guo. However, it is up to the individual preference and for service wise,  after serving the customers, the service staffs at Top One Pot are not required to bow 90 degree, unlike Ding Wang or Wu Lao Guo whereby this action might cause some customer to feel uneasy.

Top One Pot


To note:

There are 3 branches in the city area in Taipei.

How to get there?

Alight at Fuzhong Station:

Walk out to Exit 1, and is less than a 1-minute walk from the station.

Operating hour:

11:30-25:00(Last order 24:00)

Dining time limit: 2 Hours


600 NTD – 800 NTD (per pax)

**Minimum spending  340 NTD (Per Pax)



The Private Room

Comfortable and spacious private room, where we could enjoy some privacy.  This is a perfect place if you are in a large group like us a total of 9 people getting a private room is a must.

To note:

Minimum spending of  6000 NTD is required for booking a private room, however different branch might have a different spending requirement is better to call the branch directly.

Weiyang Palace,  each private room were named after the palace built in the Qing dynasty:

What we had?

The Duo pot (with the choice of royal spicy hot pot and chicken pot)

The sauce station:

The Food

What to order?

Actually, we ordered more than this but I didn’t take all of it because we were so busy eating and talking.


Marbled Pork

Marbled Beef *Recommended*


 Minced seafood

Minced shrimp with vegetable:


Assorted seafood and pork ball*Recommended*:

Assorted Dumpling:

Soybean product

Fried youtiao

Cherry Blossom Noodle *Recommended*:

Mushrooms and vegetables


Whitewater snowflake*Recommended*:

Nearing the end of the meal, we had a free flow of winter gourd with lemon smoothie:


I had an awesome meal at the restaurant. Unlike some other steamboat restaurant, their broth was delicious as the longer you cook your food, the broth will not turn out too salty and the food served were tasty and fresh. Not forgetting the unlimited top up of my favorite duck blood and tofu, which was inside the Spicy (Mala) Broth. Both of it had perfectly absorbed the spice and bringing out the flavor of the soup.

Personally, I will recommend to get the mild hot pot (It is still spicy though) and got to said that this is the best spicy (mala) hot pot I had. It is unlike the other Sichuan hot pot restaurant or even Wu Lao Guo mild spicy (mala) hot pot, which had too much chili oil in it, that covers the soup and when dip your food is covered with oil.


Always call or make a reservation before hand. Reservation can be done online, for booking of the private room please call to the respective branch.

The spicy hot pot comes in Mild (Not very spicy), Medium or  Hot. Remember to inform the service staff, your preferred spiciness level.


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