[Move] Transport back to Taipei from Hehuanshan

Following my previous post on how to get to Hehuanshan from Taipei. In this post, we are going to cover on how to return to Taipei city the next day after a stay at the mountain lodge in Hehuanshan, SongXueLo.

When we arrived the day before, the bus driver will ask who will be heading back the next day before everyone alight, and he will inform you the pickup time. Please do wait at the pickup point earlier than what the time he advised.


HeHuanShan, SongXueLo, the name of the highest mountain lodge in Taiwan, which we had stayed for a night. My suggestion is before heading back to town, you can climb up the mountain to see the sunrise, enjoy a simple breakfast at the lodge, pack your luggage and to the bus stop.

Do note that the pickup point is the opposite of the observatory deck and the bus will reach around 09:00-09:10:


188NTD (Get off at Puli) **Recommended

400NTD (Get off at Fengyuan)

To note:

– Knowing basic Mandarin is necessary to speak to the driver

– Inform the bus driver where you will be dropping off

– Prepare the exact amount as the driver do not provide small change


2 Hour 24 Minutes

Here come the bus:

Bus at Qixia, Puli to Taichung Station

Recommended by the bus driver, we alighted at Qixia, Puli, a small bus ticket counter. The express bus to Taichung HSR will come every 15-30 minutes. There are other buses available to bring you to SunMoon Lake, etc. if you are planning to explore more about Taichung, just inform the lady boss and she will tell you which bus to take.





40-45 Minutes

HSR Taichung Station to Taipei

We reached the station around 11:45, which is much earlier than what I have planned:

Ticket for HSR can be bought at the ticket counter or at the ticketing machine. The queue at the ticket counter was too long, we decided to head over to the ticketing machine nearby:

Ticket machine can be found near the center of the train station beside the directory with the blue top⇓.




48 Minutes

A step by step guide on, How to purchase your ticket from the ticket machine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We decided to grab some food, before heading to the platform.

There is two booth selling the famous Railway Bento or packed lunch box.

The Railway Souvenir shop sells a few types of bento per day. However, when I was there it has only left with one type of bento and it is  selling out fast:

Opening Hours:

09:30 till sold out

Cost: 80NTD-100NTD

Taiwan railway hexagon Pork rib bento, 80NTD:

The GaoTie Bento have more choices left as compared with the above stall.

Opening Hour:



(Limited bento per day)

Cost: 100NTD (Per box)

Garlic chicken chop bento:

After purchasing the bento, we head towards the platform as it was near to the departure time:

After 48 minutes, we reached Taipei station:


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  1. Gilang

    How if I want to go back at the same day as I depart to Hehuanshan?

    1. gojiakhong

      Hi Gilang,
      Yes, it is possible. However, I will not recommend you to do so. If you are departing from Taipei, I will suggest that you stay in Taichung for a day then hire a car for a one day tour, or else it will be too rushed.

  2. Yours Truly..

    Hi , if I am staying in Taichung, would half day be sufficient for me to travel to hehuanshan and back? We are not planning to stay in cingjing though. Thank you.

    1. gojiakhong

      Hello, yours truly..
      Thank you for your message.
      Yes, it is possible but I would suggest that you hire a taxi or car for a day as the bus only run once a day.
      Hope this answer your question.

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