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One of the important parts of your travel planning would be the public transport tickets that each of us might need it during our trip. Not a must to have but a good option to have, which can help save some money. In Amsterdam city, there are quite a few passes/tickets that we can choose from but I will focus on one of it in this post.

GVB Day Tickets/Pass

GVB day or multi-day ticket is an unlimited pass, in Amsterdam for all GVB trams, buses, and metros, both day and night, the number of hours that best fits your itinerary.

Once you tap the card, the ticket will become valid.

Where to buy?

AKOs(Book&Travel shop) at Schiphol Airport

Various hotels

**We got ours at the hotel concierge, if I am not wrong chain hotel like NH, IBIS would have this service too**

GVB yellow add value machine, Service point, Tickets & Info kiosk





Validity PeriodCost? (EUR)
1 Day (24 Hours)7.50
2 Days (48 hours)
3 Days (72 hours)
4 Days (96 hours)
5 Days (120 hours)
6 Days (144 hours)
7 Days (168 hours)34.00

Children (Age 4-11)

1 Day (24 hours)


**Only can be brought at GVB Tickets & Info kiosk, Service point

For more information, visit GVB Map

What did we get?

The 24-hour pass:

At the tram station, to change tram to downtown:

Tap your card when entering the tram to activate the card and tap out upon drop-off same as Singapore. :

(Taken from: Amsterdam. info)

The tram to Centraal station from our hotel:

Other options:

I Amsterdam city card

– Almost the same as the GVB 1 or multi-day pass but with free entry or discounts when visiting museums or activities.

OV Chipcard

-Same as our Ezlink card, the card itself cost 7.50EUR with zero credit, minimum top up is 10EUR


Get the 1-day GVB pass, if you are planning less than 3 site-seeing on the day and going far. As for [I Amsterdam city card], a 2-day pass might be more worth it than the 1-day pass. One time trip from the central station to some of the busy street in Amsterdam will cost around 1.50EUR and that depends on your distance. To save the trouble from buying a one-way ticket upon boarding the tram, this will be a better option, even if I didn’t use more than the cost of the one day ticket.

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