[Move] Transportation guide from Bern to Zermatt

Our trip from Bern to Zermatt was a little different from the usual route due to road work maintenance. We were ushered to take the bus from Visp to St Niklaus.

From Bern to Zermatt

Normal route

Bern to Visp transfer to Zermatt

Our route

Bern-> Visp-> St Niklaus-> Zermatt

**Due to maintenance work at the track during 24 Oct 2019 to 03 Dec 2019 we had to transfer to a shuttle bus to St Niklaus to continue our journey to Zermatt.


1st class

63~158 CHF

2nd class

36~90 CHF


2 hour 8 mins

Where to get the ticket?

At the station sales counter


Swiss travel pass

At Bern station, we took the 7:06 train to Brig which will stop by Visp.

The 1st class cabin

Comfortable seats in the first-class cabin and this train have a bistro in it.

Second class cabin

Ample space to store your luggage.

Transfer at Visp station

Due to construction work, all trains between Visp-St Niklaus-Visp are replaced by buses.

Our bus to St. Niklaus

The bus drove us to the St Niklaus Station where we board the train to Zermatt

First-class cabin

Bike Storage area

Luggage storage area

2nd class cabin

Beautiful landscape along the way to Zermatt.

It does not matter whether you sit on the left or right side of the train as the view from Visp to Zermatt are mostly low land near the valleys.

After close to 2 hours train and bus ride, we reached Zermatt.


During the whole journey to Zermatt, the train was quite empty. We were able to switch our seat to have a better view of the scenery.

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