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Have been thinking of putting some information here for easy references as i understand that most of us have this difficulties of getting to know Japan Metro lines or bus line as it was like a maze but i will try to simplify for you as what i did to help my family and friends. Hope that this will help you to choose the most suitable pass for your trip in Chugoku( Sanyo San’In) Japan.

Enjoy your experience Japan~!~!:)

For all to note:

I am not a travel expert all this information stated above are by my own experience and research that i have done on my own. The pass might work well for me but it might not be suitable for you.

Please compare and draft out where you are going before you purchase for any pass as different passes have their own advantages and disadvantages.

JR Pass (Nation Wide)

Sanyo – San’ In

Sanyo San’In Pass

Tram in Hiroshima

Hiroshima to Miyajima (Train to Ferry)

Takeda(Hyogo) to Okayama




(Update: 14/6/16)

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