[Trip] Germany-A day in Fussen,Hohenschwangau

Fussen, Hohenschwangau a place where the Walt Disney inspired Neuschwanstein Castle situate, and the neo-Gothic Hohenschwangau Castle, which was built in the 19th century by the Bavarian kings. The trails that lead to Marienbrücke, a bridge with awesome views, will leave you in awe. At the eastern tip of Alpsee lake, there is the Museum of the Bavarian Kings that offers exhibits about the Wittelsbach dynasty.

We will cover the important things like how do we get the tickets, what are the better and cheaper options. What should we do in Fussen?

Things to do in Fussen

Before introducing the place, we need ticket to enter the castle. The only place where you can get your ticket is at the Ticket Center in Hohenschwangau.

Operating Hours:

Winter 2017 / 2018 (October 16th – March 23rd)
Daily 09:00 – 15:00

Summer 2018 (March 24th – October 15th)
Daily 08:00 – 17:00


**Update: In 2018 there will be a reduction in entrance fee for the ticket.

Reserve your ticket at Hohenschwangau Reservation form.

**Pick your ticket at least 60 minutes earlier than your requested pick up time

Service fee:

A service fee charge will be added into for ticket reservations for Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castle.

Individual guests, children and school groups: 1.80EUR per person and castle
**There is no service fee for the museum.


Get the kings ticket, it will cover the 2 important tourist attractions. The hotel we stayed is just beside the ticket centre, however, the staff were very helpful to collect the tickets on our behalf and this saves us a lot of time.

Neuschwanstein Castle



13EUR → 12EUR

Operating Hours:

24 March – 15 October:

09:00 ~ 18:00

16 October – 23 March:

10:00 ~16:00

Close on:

24th, 25th and 31st December, 1st January

Getting there:


600M Uphill

30-40 minutes

Ride a horse carriage


Uphill 6 EUR

Downhill 5EUR


20~30 minutes

Shuttle bus

Buy your ticket from the driver.



20~30 minutes


Our ticket:

Before getting into the castle there will be a luggage inspection:

Once you are inside waiting, take note of the screen to show your tour for you to enter.

Slot your ticket in to enter:

Things to see?

The waiting place of the castle

**No photos inside the castle and during the tour

Outside the souvenir store, there will be a viewing spot where you can see the Marienbrücke and the beautiful Alpsee Lake.




Walking up the Neuschwanstein Castle can be a little tiring. There are other options available if you do not wish to hike up the hill. We went up to Neuschwanstein Castle twice and tried both ways, which is to hike up and also took the horse carriage to get a different experience.


15 minutes walk from Neuschwanstein Castle, we will reach the bridge and have the perfect view of Neuschwanstein Castle.


How to get there?

A short 15 minutes walk to Marienbrucke from the Neuschwanstein Castle

The entrance where a lot of people will be standing there taking photos.

The photogenic Neuschwanstein Castle:

Look behind you could see the magnificent view of the mountains:

Getting back to Neuschwanstein Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle



13EUR → 12EUR

Operating Hours:

Visits are only possible with a guided tour. The guided tour takes about 35 minutes.

Guided tours are offered daily from:
10:00  – 16:00  (Winter opening times)
09:00  – 18:00(Summer opening times)
**limited capacity**

Close on:

24th December and 1st January

How to get there?

2 ways to get up to the Hohenschwangau Castle.

One way up the short trail at the side of Hotel Muller

Another way which is the longer trail where you will walk towards the Alpsee Lake

Time to walk up:

10~20 minutes

Wait for your tour number to be displayed at the screen before entering.

Our ticket:

**No photos inside the castle and during the tour.

Outside the castle after the tour.

Alpsee -Hohenschwangau

The beautiful Alpsee lake situated next to the royal castles Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein.




Operating Hours:


What to see?

Wild swans and ducks


As both castles do not allow any photographs to be taken inside. I can only say that it is worth the money to purchase the ticket and with the guided tour we get to know a lot more about the history and how the building was built, of course getting to hear some of the royal family secrets too. The interior design of the castle was magnificent where words cannot describe, and some of the unfinished work leaves a little bittersweet to what had happened in the past.

If you have more time, take the longer route to walk up the Hohenschwangau Castle, the view along the way up was beautiful and relaxing, and it was not as tiring as walking up Neuschwanstein Castle.

Marienbrucke is the not to be missed spot. Despite being crowded with people from all over the world, it has the best view of the Neuschwanstein Castle

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