[Trip] Korea, Seoul- The simple guide to N Seoul Tower watching sunset

I always wanted to visit the Namsan tower or N Seoul Tower, I did not have the chance to visit it when I was in Korea 6 years ago. Therefore, I told myself for this trip I have to go and take some photos there. Based on my memory I thought that getting to Namsan tower is easy, but it was not. I wanted to go up to Namsan tower via cable car, however, after researching on ways to get there and various comments from others, I decided to take a bus up instead. In this post, it will cover the transportation, where to purchase the ticket, redemption and what is there to see and recommendations.

N Seoul Tower/Namsan Seoul Tower

The famous landmark in Korea Namsan Seoul Tower is the first tower-type tourism spot. In 1969, it was first established as a broadcast tower to send out TV and radio signals. Now, it is one of the tallest towers in East Asia, the top of the tower is almost 480m above sea level, including Namsan Mountain (243m) and the tower’s own height (236.7m).


Cost (Observatory Only)


12.05SGD  6.85SGD

At the Sales counter

Adult (Above 13 Years old)

10,000 Won


8,000 Won

Buy your ticket


Sales Counter

How to redeem?

Find the Self-service redeem machine that shows printing ticket. There is another different machine for purchase only, so do not go to the wrong one.

Tap on the printing ticket:

Key in your purchase number or scan your QR code at the side

Print your ticket out and you are done:

How to get there?

Namsan Circulation Bus (Recommended)

Operates every 15-20 mins

  • Subway Line 3, Dongguk University Station, Exit 6, take the bus 02/03/05
  • Subway Line 4, Seoul Station, Exit 9, Take Bus 03
  • Subway Line 3/4, Chungmuro Station, Exit 2 (in front of Daehan Cinema), take the bus 02/05
  • Subway Line 4, Myeongdong Station, Exit 3, take the bus 05

To note:

The bus will not stop right in front of Namsan tower, you will need to walk up the hill for about 5~10 mins depending on your speed.

To Seoul Tower:

Bus stop at Seoul station exit 9, after exiting out walk straight you will see Seoul Square*brown building*on the left, do not enter. You will walk pass Quiznos, just keep walking down the bus stop will be there.

Bus Drop off area:















Bus Stop for boarding


















Bus No.5 to get to Myeongdong station













Alight at Myeongdong station

Bus Cost

Cash: 1,200 Won

T-Money card: 1,100 Won

Cable Car

  • Take the subway to Myeong-Dong Station
  • After you see the Pacific Hotel, keep right and walk 15 minutes then you will see an elevator, take the elevator then get to the boarding point
  • Cable car operating hours: 10:00~23:00
  • One way fees: 7,000Won for adults, 4,000 Won for children
  • Round trip fees: 9,500Won for adults, 6,500 Won for children
  • Duration: 7 minutes

Operating Hour

Sunday ~ Friday: 10:00~23:00

Saturday: 10:00~24:00

Last ticket redemption time: 21:00

Last admission: 30 minutes before closing

Actual opening hours subject to weather conditions and operating schedules

What to see?

Climbing up to Namsan Tower

To the tower:

Take the lift up to 5th floor:

While waiting for my turn, I went out to explore. First, we will see the famous resting area Namsan Octagonal Pavilion, the prime spot to view the first sunrise of the year.

Next, Locks of love, there is a vending machine for you to purchase your lock if you would like to get one and put it there.


Please put the key into the box.

Photo spot for couples, singles or family:

More places to put your Love Lock:

My queue number did not show on the screen for around an hour. It was then I realised that the number shown is a lie, you are able to go in once you got the ticket because the staff did not say anything when I showed her my ticket.

The distance back home:

A post box to send a postcard to your friends or family.

Magnificent Sunset view

Do you know?

The tower changes colour every day to alert people on how bad or good air conditions are.

Blue: Good, 0-15µg/m³

Green: Average, 16-50µg/m³

Orange: Bad, 51-100µg/m³ It is advisable to wear a mask.

Red: Very bad 101µg/m³~ Above. It is advisable to stay indoors, on June 14 it will be red too as a gratitude to the blood donors.

Light up at Namsan Tower, that day was blue.


The weather wasn’t good while I was waiting for “my queue number”, it started to rain suddenly when I went out to take photos but it was just for a short while. I went up to the observatory deck when the rain stopped, I was quite lucky to find a great spot to take the sunset photo and video.

The crowd will start to come in around 6 pm, which is near to sunset timing. If you would like to get a good spot, it is advisable to be there early, the sunset view was awesome and spectacular, totally worth the long wait.

The walk up the namsan tower might be a little tough for some but it is still better than walking from the bottom of the hill. In the end, I still didn’t find out where the cable car is located at. Anyway, I will recommend taking the bus as there are more options on where to alight and the cost is cheaper. A memorable evening I had at the tower, the sunset after rain view was beautiful.

My 2-cents opinion:

Get the observatory ticket will do, it is not necessary to get the combo ticket. However, for Hello Kitty fan you might want to consider getting the Hello Kitty Island + Observatory ticket.

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