[Trip] Switzerland- A day trip guide to Jungfraujoch from Bern

A long and beautiful trip to Jungfraujoch-Top of Europe. Even though the weather was bad as it was raining and having heavy snow when we were on our way up to Jungfraujoch, but the experience was memorable. As we were heading back from Jungfraujoch, we visited Grindelwald- First, the starting point for hikes, with a lot of fun and action activities.

This is a step by step guide on how to get to Jungfraujoch from Bern and Grindelwald- First to Grindelwald- First, and what are things to see and do there. 

From Bern to Jungfraujoch

Step1: Hop onto the train to Interlaken OST

We went to the Bern station as early as 06:00 in the morning, just to ensure we do not miss our train.  


53 Mins

The empty cabin with only 2 of us early in the morning.

Reached Interlaken Ost Station, Exit 1 to the Rail Travel Office 

Step 2: Get your ticket to Jungfraujoch at Interlaken Ost station

Operating hours:

Railway Ticket Office

07:07~18:43 daily (depending on the season)

Where to get your ticket?

Purchase at the rail travel office

Official Website

Klook (Round trip Ticket or with seat reservation)

Viator (Day Trip from Interlaken with guide )

To note:

If you are holding onto the Swiss travel pass,  you will enjoy 25% discount.

After discount?

137.40CHF Class 2

**Train from Kleine Scheidegg Station to Jungfraujoch are not categorize in class, only Reserve or Non-reserved seat.

Fare update on 15 Dec 2019 – 12 Dec 2020

Tickets are categorised into 3 seasons:

Season 1( 21 Dec 2019-31 May 2020 / 01 Sep 2020-31 Oct 2020
Season 2 (01 Jun 2020-31 Aug 2020) *Peak season*
Season 3 (15 Dec 2019-20 Dec 2019 / 01 Nov 2020-12 Dec 2020)

Please check the ticket fare here.

Upon purchase of the ticket, the staff gave us the timetable for reference, making sure we will not miss our train.

Things to note before you buy the ticket beforehand:

  • Only buy the tickets if you are sure the weather is clear enough to enjoy the view from the Jungfraujoch. It does not make sense to travel up there if you end up in the clouds. If you bought the ticket in advance make sure that the date is flexible.
  • Tickets can be sold out during July and August when many people want to go up on the same day and maximum capacity is reached. It is not common but not unheard of. Once your ticket is dated, you are guaranteed to access the trains. Although a seat is not guaranteed, however, on most days finding a seat is not a problem.
  • For the section from Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch, you can buy a seat reservation. This can be considered on a crowded day when the waiting time before boarding might be longer without a reservation.
  • November to mid-December is the cheapest time.


Will not recommend buying the reserved seat tickets as most of the time there are seats available. Consider getting the reserved seat ticket only when peak periods like in July or August.

Only buy the ticket on the day when you want to visit Jungfraujoch so that you can enjoy the beautiful view of Jungfraujoch. Or buy the ticket in advance but with the flexibility to change the date.


It is a pity that we are unable to see the beautiful Jungfraujoch due to the bad weather. As we got to head off to another city the following day, we cannot change the date any further, and we have already pushed a day back to visit Jungfraujoch. If you would like to see the best view of Jungfraujoch, maybe plan more days to stay there. 

Step 3: From Interlaken ost station to Lauterbrunnen station

The train to Lauterbrunnen station is also categorised into 2 classes, 1st class and 2nd class. As we are holding the 1st class pass, we sat at the 1st class cabin.

To board the train at Track 2A. 


20 Mins

2nd class cabin:

1st class located at the end of each cabin with limited seats.

Step 4: Transfer from Lauterbrunnen station to Kleine Scheidegg Station


42 Mins

When we board the train to Kleine Scheidegg Station, we are required to show our ticket so that the train attendant could stamp on it.


When heading up, choose the seat on your right to have a better view of the beautiful scenery.

Step 5: From Kleine Scheidegg station to Jungfraujoch Station


35 Mins


The best view would be on your right side if you want to see the panoramic mountain view. Even though most of this section is in a tunnel, it is still impressive when you looked at how the tunnel was actually made when the train exit the tunnel and moving up the mountain.

The train will make a short stop along the way, at Eismeer. You can get off the train for a few minutes to enjoy the view of eternal snow and ice through the panoramic windows.

Our final destination the Jungfraujoch 3,454 metres above sea level.

Step 6: Stop and tour around at Jungfraujoch

Stamp your passport here. 

A certificate to show that you been here. 

Map of Jungfraujoch:

The disappointment when we saw the section was closed, we cannot go to the Plateau due to the heavy snow outside.

There is a small cafe located right at the entrance, you can consider getting your food there if you do not mind the hefty price.

Little thought:

Would not recommend spending here, for example, a normal shin ramyeon cup noodle in Singapore only cost 1.50SGD, here it cost 7.90 CHF=11SGD (inclusive of hot water 4.30CHF and a pair of chopstick 1.50CHF). You will not feel hungry after seeing the price I guess. We brought our own biscuits, muffins and bottled water to fill our stomach.  

The train timetable can be found almost everywhere, to remind everyone not to miss the train back down.

Photo-taking wall

Alpine Sensation

The Plateau that was closed on that day.

 Ice Palace


Sphinx Terrance Observation Deck

We braved through the heavy snow to take a photo. Even though we are not able to see anything up there but still it was an interesting experience.

Lindt Museum

Step 7: From Jungfraujoch Station to Kleine Scheidegg station

Collected our last stamp as we head back to Kleine Scheidegg Station and had a free Lindt chocolate from the friendly train attendant. 


35 Mins

Waiting for our train to Grindlewald-First. While we wait for the train to depart, we spent some time at the Kleine Scheidegg station. 

The sign for visitors to see when they are here for the winter sport during End Nov to Mid- Apr. 

Step 8: Transfer at Kleine Scheidegg Station to First Grindlewald


39 mins

Reached Grindlewald- First Station

Coin Lockers are available right outside of the travel office.

A 15 minutes walk to Grindelwald Firstbahn Cable Car Station. 

Step 9: Take a cable car up to Grindelwald First

Reached the ticketing office of Grindelwald Firstbahn Cable Car Station

The waiting time required for all the activities.

Operating hours:

8 June 2020 ~ autumn 2021

Gondola cableway operating times
08 Jun 2020 – 03 Jul 2020 | 10:00 – 16:30*
04 Jul 2020 – 16 Aug 2020 | 08:00 – 17:30*
17 Aug 2020 – 25 Oct 2020 | 08:30 – 17:00*
26 Oct 2020 – 18 Dec 2020 | 10:00 ~ 16:30*
*Weekends and public holidays: 09:00 ~17:00

Winter sport operation

Continuous ski operation
19 December 2020 until 5 April 2021



30CHF (Single Trip), 60CHF (Round Trip)

**With Half Card or Swiss Travel Pass is applicable for 50% off**

Cable car (Single trip) + Activities down:
First to Schreckfeld: First Flyer (29CHF/Per ride) or  First Glider (29CHF/Per ride)
Schreckfeld to Bort: Mountain Cart (19CHF/Per ride)
Bort to Grindelwald: Trottibike Scooter (19CHF/Per ride)

Adventure Package (After Discount):

Cable+1 activities: 46 CHF 
Cable+2 activities: 65 CHF
Cable+3 activities: 83 CHF
Cable+4 activities: 99 CHF

To note: Prices have increased on 30 Mar 2020 – 25 Oct 2020. Click here to know more.

As we do not have enough time we bought the adventure package with only 1 activity out of the 4.

Take the Cable Car to First (Grindelwald) Station took 25 minutes.

Cliff Walk by Tissot

A 40 meter (131 ft) long suspension bridge that leads along the rock-face to the west side of the summit and a 45 meter (148ft) long observation platform with panoramic views.


15 ~30 mins depending on the crowd

Long queue before we are able to stand here to take some photos.


The fun way to get down is to enjoy the exciting and thrilling activities. I chose the first flyer and was lucky to meet the cut off time.

First Flyer race at speeds of up to 84 km/h down an 800 metre-long cable from First to the Schreckfeld intermediate station.

We are required to sign the Safety regulation declaration form. There are in a few languages, I was given the Chinese declaration form.

I am the last “Flyer” for First Flyer.

The First Flyer ends at Schreckfeld Stop.

You can continue your next adventure here if you have more than 1 activities or hop on to the cable car to end your trip.


If you love fun and thrilling activities and have enough time would suggest getting all 4 activities. Although some people might feel that it is quite expensive but I feel that it is a lifetime experience, where one can actually have an adrenaline rush and enjoy the magnificent view at the same time. 

Step 10: Getting back to Bern from Grindelwald

You are able to use your swiss travel pass from Grindelwald to Interlaken Ost.

Grindelwald Station to Interlaken Ost Station


42 Mins

Interlaken Ost Station to Bern Station


54 Mins

The journey back to Bern.

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